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Vitamin D: an essential vitamin

Vitamin D has multiple functions in the body. It is best known for its role in the metabolism of calcium, phosphorus and bones. But not only ! Today it is also recognized as a very important hormone in the body . Find out why and how to supplement vitamin D to optimize your health with Christophe Carrio!

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The role of Vitamin D3 on the immune system

Over the past 15 years, research has discovered essential functions of vitamin D3. It activates specific cellular receptors found everywhere in the body : the brain, heart and cardiovascular system, skin, sexual organs, breasts, bones, intestine, muscles. The major role of vitamin D3 is the regulation and maintenance of a resilient and efficient immune system .

Indeed, our immune system has 2 lines of defense:

The innate response is activated immediately or within hours of antigen detection. Antigens are proteins on the surface of bacteria, fungi and viruses that the body does not recognize as its own and that it will therefore seek to eliminate. When the innate immune system is activated, cells activate certain genes to become more efficient at killing pathogens. Vitamin D3 binds to these cells and enhances this transformation, helping the innate immune system to kill viruses and other bacteria.

If the pathogen manages to overcome the innate immune system, adaptive immunity kicks in.

The adaptive immune system is our second line of defense. It relies on lymphocytes which produce billions of antibodies. Antibodies recognize antigens and bind to them. They are like secret agents who carry out specific missions targeting only certain enemies. Antibodies make future responses against a specific antigen more efficient.

The cells of the adaptive immune system produce cytokines. Sometimes the cytokines become too abundant and create a cytokine storm.

Vitamin D3 binds to cells of the adaptive immune system and turns on some genes while turning off others. This causes cells to make fewer cytokines, which modulates inflammation and the possibility of a cytokine storm.

Vitamine D3 K2

Vitamin D3 K2

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The efficacy of Vitamin D3

Efficacy on neurotransmitters

Vitamin D3 is involved in the regulation and balance of neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are key molecules involved in our emotional stability, in learning, or in our ability to act on a daily basis . When vitamin D3 levels decrease then the balance of neurotransmitters is disturbed, opening the door for problems with sleep, depression or anxiety.

Muscular efficiency

At the muscular level, vitamin D significantly increases general muscle strength and reduces the risk of muscle injury . For this it is necessary that the contributions in complementation are of 2000 IU per day. Lower doses did not show noticeable effects in the studies.

Problems linked to a deficiency in Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 deficiency negatively impacts the functioning of mitochondria, the small factories responsible for producing energy in cells. When their functioning is impaired then there is a decrease in performance in aerobic endurance and a decrease in muscle recovery post effort.

Vitamin D3 works globally and deficiencies affect the whole body. In recent years, 3 large studies have shown that 80% of the French population have significant deficiencies in vitamin D3.

vitamine D3 k2 versé dans un verre de jus d'orange

The role of the sun and vitamin D3

The skin synthesizes vitamin D in the sun: in spring and summer by exposing the largest possible area of ​​skin at midday without sunscreen and by avoiding redness for 15 to 30 minutes we synthesize largely our daily needs . By reproducing this exposure 4 to 6 times a week for example while walking or playing sports outdoors, we make some reserves for days of bad weather.

Only these reserves are running out quickly. During the months of October to the end of March-April the wavelength of UVB radiation does not allow enough vitamin D to be synthesized to cover our needs …

Why offer a synergy of vitamins D3 K2?

Aware of all the effects of multivitamins, Nutripure already provides 1000 IU of vitamin D3 as a safety contribution. But in autumn and winter, specific vitamin D3 supplementation is strongly recommended to maintain good immunity and enjoy the overall benefits of vitamin D3 on the body.

The combination of Vitamin K2 in MK-7 form (menaquinone 7) helps ensure, among other things, that calcium binds to the bones, supports the immune system while improving cardiovascular health.

The role of Magnesium in the regulation of Vitamin D

Magnesium is involved in more than 300 enzymatic reactions. Among these reactions, magnesium plays a role in the enzymatic regulation of vitamin D levels in the blood by limiting the impact of a deficiency or an excess . And getting enough vitamin D helps the intestinal absorption of magnesium. It is therefore important to avoid magnesium and vitamin D deficiencies.

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