When to take a protein shake?

Very popular in the sports world, the protein shake is the perfect drink to promote muscle gain and weight loss but also to have a healthy snack . And if since the Dukan diet, protein has had a bad press, it remains essential for everyone, including sedentary people.

Ultra-processed food, our lifestyle at 100 per hour and intensive agriculture degrade the nutritional quality of our meals. As proteins are expensive raw materials, they often disappear first from our plates.

To compensate for this lack, taking a protein drink is a good solution.

Why do people take protein shakes? When and how much protein shake can you drink per day?

What is a protein shake?

The shake is a very easy to make protein shake since it contains powdered protein which is mixed with water or a vegetable drink. It is possible to add foods (fruits and vegetables in general) or flavors to improve the taste if you don’t like the taste of your protein powder.

The advantage of the protein shake is that it fills a protein deficit in the body in an easy, fast and economical way.

How to prepare a protein drink?

While there are several different ways to consume protein powder, 2 are very popular: smoothie and shaker.

As a smoothie

Just add your recommended dose of protein powder (at Nutripure, 2 scoops of whey isolate or vegetable protein, i.e. 30g of protein powder) to 200 ml of water or a vegetable drink (milk coconut, almond milk, hazelnut, rice …), fruit or vegetables and mix everything in a blender. It’s ready to eat in seconds and it’s ideal for breakfast, especially since it’s customizable to suit your tastes and moods!

In a shaker

In a shaker, pour 250ml of water or a vegetable drink, then add the protein dose on top and a natural flavoring to improve the taste of the protein shake. Close the shaker and shake. Your protein shake is ready quickly, all you have to do is drink it.

The advantage of a blenderbottle shaker is its metallic ball which allows for a homogeneous mixture.

Protein shakes made directly from the shaker can be prepared in less than 5 minutes and be consumed anywhere: at sport, at the office, at the beach, etc.

Whey Isolat

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Why take protein powder?

The main advantage of protein powder is that it allows an extra daily protein intake , quickly and easily. The protein shake adds ease of consumption.

Indeed, today we tend to ingest less protein than the body needs.

Is the protein shake a meal replacement?

It is important to have real cooked meals and not just have a protein shake. Healthy eating is essential to receive all the nutritional contributions necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Good fats and carbohydrates are essential in your diet, you just need to dose your daily intake according to your needs. The ideal plate is made up of 30% protein, 40% vegetables, 15% good fats and 15% carbohydrates.

Nonetheless, the Protein Shaker can be an occasional meal replacement on days when you’re at risk of skipping one. Accompanied by other foods, such as 2 Nutripure energy bars, you will then have all the necessary intakes and nutrients for a complete meal.

How to lose weight with a protein shake?

There is no magic bullet to losing fat and following a protein diet is not the silver bullet. Sports activity is inseparable from weight loss because it will generate a calorie deficit. As a supplement, consuming protein in a shaker can help you:

  • increase your satiety and therefore reduce your snacking cravings. As proteins are more satiating than carbohydrates or fats, their consumption will space out your next meal, thus reducing your calorie intake for the day;
  • prevent muscle breakdown associated with weight loss. When calorie intake decreases, the body tends to draw energy from its muscles. In order to avoid muscle wasting, a protein intake will compensate for this degradation, postpone the deficit and will encourage the body to destock fat;
  • keep your muscle mass, especially when practicing sports.

According to some studies, it is observed a better result when 25 to 30% of the calories consumed during the day are in the form of protein. The protein shake is going to be the boost to help you reach your goal.

For weight loss , choose a protein shake for breakfast to be full until noon or in the evening instead of dinner.

Whey Isolat

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How to gain muscle mass with a protein shaker?

Combined with sport, the protein drink made from whey or vegetable proteins will help you:

  • build muscles faster thanks to the BCAAs and EAAs naturally present in our proteins;
  • recover faster after a workout;

To increase muscle mass, you will need more calories than someone who wants to lose weight. The ANSES recommendations are 0.8g / kg per day to 2.2g / kg per day.

For a person wishing to gain muscle mass, we recommend around 2g / kg per day of protein. For example, for a 75Kg person, they should consume 150g of protein daily.

To gain muscle mass , you can take your protein shakes after a sports session, as a snack or for breakfast.

When to take a protein shake?

The advantage of protein powder is to complete a meal in which the protein intake would be insufficient.

This can be in the morning at breakfast, at supper time as an evening meal, as a snack at the office or after a workout if you do not eat 30 minutes after.

We will also take care to choose your protein powder according to your needs:

  • whey isolate is preferred by people looking for a product highly concentrated in protein (94% protein) and lactose free;
  • organic whey is acclaimed by fans of organic farming (80% protein);
  • vegan plant proteins are popular with vegans;
  • Collagen peptides serve a different purpose. They should not be considered as a supply of dietary protein but as a supply of collagen against tendonitis, osteoarthritis and to fight against tissue aging.

Here too, choose quality protein powder which has very good digestibility and excellent bioavailability and whose composition is GMO and pesticide free. You are what you consume, don’t forget it!

How many protein-shakes can you take per day?

The consumption of protein shakes depends on the needs and your goals . However, at Nutripure, we advise you not to exceed 2 servings of 30g per day. This amounts to 2 shakers of whey isolate, native organic whey or vegetable protein.

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