Women and bodybuilding

Many women are reluctant to get into weight training because they believe it is a discipline for men who want to gain muscle mass. What a pity ! Strength training is first and foremost about strengthening your muscles. But not necessarily to have Hulk-like muscles!

Here are several reasons why bodybuilding is a very recommended discipline for women, and even that I totally recommend!

Strength training leads to better health and better physical condition:

  • You will have more energy every day, more strength, and you will increase your resistance to all daily tiring situations (work, shopping, cleaning, etc.).
  • You will benefit from better support, especially if you have certain problems (in the back or shoulders for example).
  • In addition to regular cardio training, you will have better cardiovascular condition (therefore better breath, and reduced risk of heart disease).
  • Strength training increases bone density, so you will have a stronger skeleton, and a lower risk of osteoporosis.
  • Being more muscular makes you more resistant to disease: in fact, antibodies are proteins that are mostly stored in muscles: therefore more muscles, more antibodies!
  • Strength training increases insulin sensitivity: less risk of diabetes!
  • You will need to pay attention to your diet and hygiene, which will only bring you benefits on your health.

Many women would like to lose fat, weight training is ideal!

  • Muscles take a lot of energy to function, even at rest: the more muscles you have, the more fuel you use, the more calories you burn!
  • Strength training is much more effective at losing fat than cardio training because it also works hormonally in favor of fat loss, while cardio tends over time to work the muscles. hormones but in a way to store more fat, yes!

To sculpt a goddess body, nothing beats bodybuilding

  • Cardio training or jogging will never make you have a dream butt, but weight training will.
  • You will be able to strength training 5 times a week, working out as much as a man, and lifting colossal weights, you will never look like a man. On the other hand, you risk becoming a bomb…
  • Know that women have about 20 times less testosterone than men. Testosterone is a typically male hormone, which is largely responsible for building muscle mass much easier in a man than in a woman. No risk therefore ladies, do not be afraid!
  • If you have ever seen muscular women abusively, it is women doped with male hormones and other anabolic hormones, illegal. (By the way, we want to draw your attention to predalon 5000 ) It is very common for these same women to have an unusually wide jaw!

Less stress, more well-being

  • Exercising regularly helps clear your mind of everyday worries.
  • After a good weight training session ending with about 20 minutes of stretching (mandatory after each workout!), it is such a pleasant sensation that every woman should be able to experience it!
  • Frequent sporting activity promotes good, recuperative sleep, therefore better well-being every day and for the long term better energy, good health and a radiant face!
  • From a better physical feeling of well-being but also to the sight of the bodily modifications which operate, a greater self-confidence will be born. Although self-confidence is essential, too many women do not dare to believe in themselves and do not assert themselves, do not think they are up to what they are really capable of!

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